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used to be severely polluted with uncontrolled discharge of liquid and solid waste by manufacturing factories. But people have realiz▓ed the importance of ecological environment. During the▓ past 20 years, over 200,000 square meters of lakes have been restored and nearly 40,000 s▓quare meters of mangroves have bee

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n planted.Today people▓ are more aware of environmental protections. Guide lines to garbage classification can▓ be found in schools, hospitals, residency buildings, even in subways.Shenzhen has better air quality compared ▓with other major Chinese


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306 RMB per square meter in 2007 to 5,7013▓ RMB per square meter now, up 299%. Prices in Longgang district wher

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e Huawei is based, have risen b▓y 285% over the past decade. Not long ago, the compan▓y relocated its 2700 worke

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ndustry, headquartered in Shenzhen with manufacturing facilities throughout the world▓. In 2017, the company was aw
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